Augusta Christian Academy is offering a HOMESCHOOL HYBRID PROGRAM for families with children in 1st grade through 8th grade beginning in August 2023. The hybrid program allows families to continue to experience the flexibility of the homeschool schedule and instructional time with their children while also providing them with the opportunity to attend a full day of Christian school with same aged peers. While participating in the HOMESCHOOL HYBRID PROGRAM, students are able to experience elective classes such as art, pe, music, and bible class as well as participate in athletics, and attend grade level field trips and school sponsored activities. This program is not designed as a co-operative group or activity group. The hybrid program is created as a blended model of both homeschool and Christian school.

Who Can Participate

 Any homeschool family with children in grades 1st grade through 8th grade
 No homeschool experience required
 Parents are not required to volunteer or teach in the school


 Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the 2023-2024 school year
 Students will attend the first 5 days of school with all other students to learn the
procedures of school then begin their Tuesday/Thursday schedule on August 29 th .
 School is 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. Hybrid students are expected to participate in school
for the full day just as if they were a full-time ACA student.


 Students attend ACA on their hybrid days just as if they were a full-time ACA student.
 Students will attend class with their grade level peers. They will not participate in a
separate group just for homeschool students.


 Families will enroll their child(ren) in the hybrid program by completing the online
application form. Register now!
 A monthly tuition bill is sent to the family and paid through our parent portal. Families
will have access to our ACA payment plans
 ACA will support families in completing the Homeschool paperwork to file with their
local school division and will provide assessments and documentation needed for year
end completion.


 What is the cost of the Hybrid Program: Families are charged the daily tuition rate for the
hybrid program. The program consists of 72 Days.

  Enrollment Fees Yearly Tuition
Includes Tuition, Books, &
 1st grade-4th grade


5th grade-8th grade $100.00 $3104.20

 What Payment Plans are available: Families are able to pay in 1 or 2 lump sums (5% discount),
or they may pay over 10 or 12 monthly installments.
 Am I responsible for providing meals when my child is in school: ACA provides a breakfast and
lunch program and hybrid students are eligible to participate in the meal program.
 Will my child be treated differently or left out because they are a hybrid student: No. The
hybrid program is designed to incorporate and blend students together twice a week so that
the hybrid student is a regular part of the class on the assigned days with access to the same
materials, extra curriculars, and activities as all full-time ACA students.
 What if I want my child to only attend part-time: To ensure consistency in the classroom and
to promote the most success for all learners and staff, ACA only offers a full-time program.
 Will Hybrid Students be included in school events, performances, etc.: Yes. Hybrid students
will have access to and be encouraged to participate in all ACA events, program, performances,
 Is there a multiple child discount: Families who have multiple children attending will receive a
10% for each additional child.
 Are parents expected to stay on site or volunteer on hybrid school days: No. Parents should
plan to drop their child(ren) off for school just as if he/she was a full-time ACA student.
 Is Extended Care offered for Hybrid Students: Yes. Hybrid students may reserve Extended
Care for days they are in school. Drop-in Care can be used for days that they student is not in