The middle school program at ACA consists of grades 6th grade through 8th grade.  School begins for our middle school program at 8:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm.  Along with grade level instruction, students participate in extracurricular classes such as art, music, pe, bible, and library.  Additionally, students will participate in group chapel one time a week.   ACA will utilize the Bob Jones University Press Curriculum for all subject areas.

We do offer a variable tuition rate for all families.   Variable Tuition is a means of helping as many families as possible in Augusta County and surrounding areas afford Augusta Christian Academy. We know often times, the biggest barrier in giving your child the best education possible is finances, therefore the Variable Tuition system was designed to create a clear, impartial, and transparent process for determining a family’s financial aid eligibility.  The variable tuition shows the maximum amount a family would need to pay (no financial aid) and the maximum amount that the tuition would be reduced based on financial aid.

Families must complete an enrollment form before completing a FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION

  Enrollment Fee Instructional Fee Technology Fee Yearly Variable Tuition
  $75.00 $125.00 $125.00 $2760-$6900

Families may select to pay for tuition in the following forms:

1 payment:   August 1st                                                                      FACTS Enrollment fee waived

2 payments:  August 1st and February 1st                                        FACTS Enrollment fee waived

10 monthly payments:  August- May                                                 FACTS fee of $55 (one time per family)

12 monthly payments.  August-July                                                   FACTS fee of $55 (one time per family)