ACA offers a variety of PreK program options to best meet the needs of your family.  Our morning school time (8:30-12:00) will be designed to offer a variety of structured playtime and activities to promote kindergarten readiness.  We will be following the Bob Jones University Press Curriculum for both our PreK 3 and PreK4 programs.

Students who turn 3 years old by October 1st are invited to join our PreK 3 Program.  If you child has a "late birthday" and you are considering not enrolling in kindergarten until they will turn 6 years old during the school year, we encourage families to consider using our PreK 3 program for two years. The child should also be potty trained. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about making this decision.  

We do offer a variable tuition rate for preschool families.   Variable Tuition is a means of helping as many families as possible in Augusta County and surrounding areas afford Augusta Christian Academy. We know often, the biggest barrier in giving your child the best education possible is finances, therefore the Variable Tuition system was designed to create a clear, impartial, and transparent process for determining a family’s financial aid eligibility.

After completing the financial aid application process, we’ll be able to determine your family’s actual tuition costs. We anticipate that many families will be pleasantly surprised to find out that an ACA education really is affordable.

Families must submit an application for enrollment before applying for Financial Aid and Variable Tuition.



2024-2025 School Year

PK3     PK4  
Days Any 3 or all 5   Days


Day Length Half (8:30-12)
Full (8:30-2:45)
  Day Length Half (8:30-1:15)
Full (8:30-2:45)
Fees Enrollment Fee $100
Instructinal Fee $200
  Fees Enrollment Fee $100
Instructional Fee $200
Tuition Half Day
3 day: $820.50-2735
5 day: $1140.75-3802.50

Full Day
3 day: $948.90-3160
5 day: $1386.65-4622.15

Tuition Half Day
Full Day