Ways to Sponsor

At ACA, we have 4 sponsorship categories.

  • Student Scholarship
  • Capital and Construction
  • Instruction and Technology
  • General Fund

By supporting, ACA you are able to select how you would like your funds to be used.  A main goal at ACA is reducing the financial barrier that impacts many families from access a private Christian education for their children.  Your funds will help to reduce the operating cost of the school so that we may provide high quality teachers in a Christian learning environment for as many families as possible in the Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro area. 


Student Scholarship

Funds donated specifically for the Student Scholoarship Progam are designation to be given to familiies with who have qualified for financial assistance by completing a financial aid application.  ACA Scholorship funds will be prioritized for ACA Preschool students and then families who were not eligible for funds through our secondary scholarship partnership with RenewaNation.  To learn more about RenewaNation and how to contribute to the prioritized fund for ACA, click HERE.

Capital and Construction

The capital and construction fund will be used to increase the daily operating budget as well as provide support for completing the construction project for the opening of the school.  Items that shall be funded under this category include:

  • Increasing the staff benefits package
  • Exterior excavating and fencing for the playground and recreation area
  • Kitchen Project and upgrades
  • Interior construction upgrades

Instuction and Technology

Funds designated the instruction and technology program will be used to purchase technology upgrades, and manipulative to support curriclum.  Additionally, these funds will be dsignated for specifc instructional activities such as guest speakers and specific projects.

General Fund

Donations to the general fund allows the schools the flexibility to utilize the funds whereever they are needed most.  The general fund will also support recognition acitivities for students, purchasing consumables, staff recognition and celebrations, office supplies, and general classroom supplies in order to minimize donations needed from families.