What is a Crash and why the Rhino? 


C - Christ-like

Show CHRIST-LIKE behavior by:
Showing grace and forgiveness to others
Being humble and thinking of others before ourselves
Doing what is best for the group
Welcoming and including others

R - Responsibility and Respect

Allowing teachers to teach and students to learn
Respecting the property of others.
Accountability: keeping your work and commitments

A - Attitude

Show a positive ATTITUDE by:
Being open minded and willing to try
Seeing the best in others
Continuing to work when things are difficult

S - Success

Show SUCCESS by:
Finding meaning and purpose for all experiences
Showing initiative
Doing YOUR personal best each day

H - Honor

Show HONOR by:
Treating everyone with fairness and kindness
Being truthful, even when it's difficult
Being a good representative of Jesus, yourself, your family, and your school


Why the Rhino?

Take a look at our video of why we chose the rhino as our mascot.